Henrik Lein 2021

Concept sci-fi vehicle “Space Research Van”

Welcome to my webpage My name is Henrik and I work with 3D software. The first tentative beginnings in the field of computer graphics reach back to the year 1994. At the same perception of taste in forms and  color design was strongly influenced by the japanese comic culture of the 80ies.  After a professional education in graphic design I concentrated on developing skills in animation techniques and 3D software.  The comic influences of my youth are still mirrored in the appearance of my sci-fi vehicles and fantasy drafts. The concept design of the future bike was inspired by several anime from early days of childhood, that lingered in my memory. The modeling of vintage cars gives great pleasure to me and puts me in the position to establish a realistic portrayal, that revives these old design classics. More over it creates a pleasant contrast to contemporary viewing patterns.  During the last years I aquired extensive knowledge in the section of 3D applications.  I am able to build objects after fotos as well as modelling after scribbles or blueprints or even to illustrate or animate fictive projects.  On this page I want to present a little collection of my work in various gallery images.  Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy the review of my compiled images and videos. On CGSOCIETY you can find more works from me.

Concept sci-fi vehicle “Formula 1 Racer” 

Concept sci-fi vehicle “Hovercar” 

Honda projects “Honda Motorcycle RC 142” and “Honda Jet Token”